Difference between Translator and Interpreter?

Difference between Translator and Interpreter?

Today, we are living in an Internet-based world, the internet has brought the world closer to conduct business in an easy way. The issue of language has always remained a barrier in the communication of the people. The company targets a wider audience, but the issue is that not everyone speaks English but if it's about aiming for a specific region where English is not a native language. Then, it becomes more difficult. However, translation service is the thing that helps you to come out of it easily. 

But sometimes people often confuse interpreters with translators. Both interpreting and translation are closely related linguistic phases. It's not like that few people can do both effectively. Still there is a contrast between the two which you need to get acquainted with. 

Translators usually acquire their material in the text format type as translation services, and deliver files back. Translators generally use glossaries and other relevant materials in their work. 

It is necessary that translators are good writers and are able to describe themselves well when writing in the specific language. It can be said they can translate other languages into their own native language or vice-versa. 

If we talk about the Interpreter, they work directly with the customers. An interpreter may participate in meetings or conferences in person, over the phone, or by video. Some of the examples where interpreter booth used to give interpretation direct to the participants, during doctor’s consultancy where doctor and patient do not speak the same language, or during study visits where an interpreter uses whispered interpreting to express what is being said to one or more people