Khmer Translation Services

Khmer Translation Services

There are almost 1.6 crores speakers of the Khmer language in the world. Khmer is the official language of Cambodia. In the Khmer language, words are stressed on the last syllable, therefore people put stress on the last syllable very much in this language.

Quick Turnaround Time

Sunshine Translation has become a reputed company that offers professional and quality translation services to their clients all around the world. We are the leading Khmer Language Translation Services in Singapore that provides Khmer language translation services at competitive prices and with quick turnaround. All our processes are automated and flexible enough to work with all kinds of businesses and industries.

Quality Khmer Translation

Sunshine Translation is able to provide all their clients very accurate and fast translation projects within the budget because of the expertise in the field. We have the native Khmer translators for whom the translation is very easy and they can do it perfectly. We are the Best Khmer Translation Service Agency in Singapore who can achieve 100% accuracy in all our translations and in a record turnaround time and we have done this consistently.

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